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Giorgio Voghera Documentary Fund

Documentary, printed material from the living author and heirs of Giorgio Voghera, intellectual writer, journalist (Trieste 1908-1999).

Chronological Extremes: 1945 - 1998

Archival Consistency

54 envelopes with manuscripts, typescripts, epistolary, correspondence, miscellaneous documentation and printed material, books with dedication to Giorgio Voghera.

The fund came to the Archives of Writers and Regional Culture in 2012 following a donation made by the Association "Archives and Documentation Center of Regional Culture" to the University of Trieste.

Scope and content

The fund preserves documentary material produced and collected by Giorgio Voghera and refers to his literary and non-fiction production, - with typescripts of works, including "Il Segreto" long attributed to his father Guido - to his activity as a journalist and intellectual, and to his very wide network of relationships testified by the numerous folders containing his work correspondence and epistolary.

The material has been preserved by Voghera in folders, envelopes, binders of different types, with an order already assigned and with a precise explanation of the contents, in order to leave a useful testimony not only of his personal story but also of the historical and cultural events in which he was a participant.

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