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Giani Stuparich Documentary Fund

Documentary material, printed material, photographs from the heirs of Giani Stuparich, writer, intellectual, teacher and journalist (Trieste 1891 - Rome 1961)

Chronological Extremes: 1910 - 1970

Archival Consistency.

32 envelopes with manuscripts, typescripts, press proofs, notes, note pads, correspondence, epistolary correspondence, correspondence, critical accounts, documents relating to public offices, miscellaneous documentation, printed material and books by Giani Stuparich.

The fund came to the Archive of Writers and Regional Culture in 2012 following a donation made by the Association "Archive and Documentation Center of Regional Culture" to the University of Trieste.

Scope and content

The fund preserves documentary material produced and collected by Giani Stuparich and his wife Elody Oblath Stuparich. The copious documentation refers not only to Stuparich's literary production but also to his private and public life.

The fund contains the manuscripts and typescripts of his numerous short stories and novels - in particular for "Ritorneranno" there are multiple handwritten and typescript versions of the text - family correspondence - very significant is the group of letters and postcards from his brother Carlo, with whom he had a very strong bond - correspondence relating to his public offices, - he was a founding member and president of the Trieste Culture and Arts Circle - articles written for local and national newspapers.

The fonds also contains documentation relating to his tenure as a teacher at the Liceo: of particular note is the questionnaire distributed to students, with an original and far-sighted sensitivity, concerning their motivations and expectations regarding the classical studies they undertook.

From the reading of the papers of the Stuparich Fund, which dialogues with the Oblath Fund, we get to know not only the figure of the writer and his literary career but also that of the intellectual committed to the promotion of culture and civic values.

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