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Documentary Fund Gerti Frankl Tolazzi

Documentary material, printed material, photographs from the heir of Gerti Frankl Tolazzi, journalist and translator (Graz 1902 - Trieste 1989).

Chronological Extremes: 1902 - 1989

Archival Consistency.

4 envelopes with manuscripts, typescript correspondence, miscellaneous documentation and printed material, photographs and books with dedication to Gerti Frankl Tolazzi.

The fund came to the Archives of Writers and Regional Culture in 2012 following a donation made by the Association "Archives and Documentation Center of Regional Culture" to the University of Trieste.

The Fund has been enriched by subsequent donations from the heirs of Carlo Tolazzi and the family members of Maria Cecconi, heir of Gerti FranklTolazzi

Scope and content

The Fund preserves heterogeneous documentation that, as a whole unravels as a single narrative, the biography and personality of Gerti Frankl Tolazzi, the young Austrian who inspired Eugenio Montale's poem "Il carnevale di Gerti."

The Fund contains personal documents that hark back to her carefree and affluent youth in Graz, her studies but also the painful events suffered first by her family members, and then by Gerti herself, as a result of racial persecution.

The epistolary, divided by alphabetical order, includes for the most part correspondence with family members and friends, among them Bobi Bazlen, who sent Gerti numerous letters and postcards, almost always written in German.

The texts of articles written by Gerti, present in copies in the Fund, recount the postwar period in Trieste, from cultural events to news events.

The numerous photographs in the Fund complement and amplify the narrative drawn from the documents.

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