From real to virtual: museum systems compared

On Friday, May 12, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Throne Room of Miramare Castle, the conference "From real to virtual: museum systems compared“.

It is possible to follow the event via live streaming on the university's Youtube channel Youtube university's

With the celebration of the centenary of the University of Trieste (1924-2024), lo smaTs, the University Museum System, is getting a makeover! 
With the aim of enhancing and making its collections usable, engaging specialist and generalist audiences, and promoting and strengthening ties with the local area, smaTs ha avviato la catalogazione digitale di alcuni segmenti museali ancora inesplorati e costruito percorsi narrativi e innovative modalità interattive.
The conference is an opportunity to share the experiences of other University Museum Systems, to reflect on their contribution in University dissemination activities and to understand how new technologies can make the museum experience more engaging. 
Finally, the smaTs collections smaTs that have already been digitized, the new layout of the website, and the immersive and virtual tours that will accompany visitors to learn about the history of the University, the profiles and works of the professors who have taught there, and its cultural and natural heritage are presented.

Access to the hall is limited. To check availability of places, write to