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Biagio Marin Documentary Fund

Documentary material from the heirs of Biagio Marin, poet, literary critic, publicist (Grado 1891 - 1985).

Chronological Extremes: 1908 - 1985

Archival Consistency.

1 envelope with handwritten notebooks, note pads, notes, letters and postcards, 132 volumes of diaries.

The fund was donated to the Archives of Writers and Regional Culture in 2022 by the heir of Biagio Marin. The fund also contains documentary assets of previous acquisition by the University of Trieste.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of a corpus of 132 volumes of diaries (May 1941 - December 1985), 2 Viennese notebooks from 1912 with

excerpts from "History of Philosophy," 3 "notebooks of notes and reflections" ("Excerpts and notes," 1939; "Considerations on the problems of my time and various notes," 1940-1952; "Excerpts and Notes," 1944), from 9 family letters written between 1908 and 1954, and from materials purchased by the University in 2009, including 2 notebooks (the so-called "Gesky Book" and a volume of "Autobiographical Notes," 2 note pads, notes for lectures on Mazzini, Prezzolini's letters and postcards from the 1950s onward.

Biagio Marin began writing his diaries on May 3, 1941, a daily practice that would accompany him until his death on December 24, 1985, leaving a vast autobiographical work that records not only private events but also news and political events, accompanied by the poet's reflections. The Diaries also transcribe letters Marin received from famous correspondents, such as writers or intellectuals, as well as from family members and friends, a choice that reveals how important epistolary exchange was to him.

Five volumes of his diaries were published in Distant Peace. Diaries 1941-1950 (Gorizia, 2005), in Sails in the Harbor. Small Notes and Fragments of Life (August 27, 1946 - February 3, 1950) (Gorizia, 2012), in The Great Adventure. Diary February 6, 1950 - August 31, 1951 (Trieste, 2017), edited by Ilenia Marin, in Considerations on the Problems of My Time and Miscellaneous Notes. November 11, 1940 - August 28, 1952 (Trieste, 2015), edited by Gianni Cimador, and in Notes at Night and Early Morning (Trieste, 2023), edited by Gianni Cimador.

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